Back Country Canoe Camping Trip - Campsite - Algonquin, Temagami, Killarney - Ontario

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Backcountry Canoe Camping Trips

Our passion is the outdoors and we want you to experience it the way we do. There is nothing like a Backcountry Canoe Trip to make you feel connected with nature and the environment. It is truly a Canadian experience. For anyone new to Backcountry Canoe tripping, there are important skills that you need to know to do it safely, that’s where we come in. We’ll take you into the backcountry and let you experience the pristine beauty the of Northern Ontario Wilderness in safety and comfort. Our guides are second to none and their number one job is to show you how to get the most out of your wilderness adventure safely and sustainably.

All your meals and accommodations will be taken care of for you. Leave your worries behind and let us do the planning and the work. We look after everything down to the last detail, and all our trips are fully outfitted. We arrange the permits, shuttling, all your meals and equipment, so all you have to do is relax, turn off your cell phone, put a smile on your face and enjoy the experience.

Scheduled 2013 Trips

Scheduled Trips Length Dates Level Price/Person
Temagami 3 Days May 24-26 Intermediate $375
Temagami 3 Days June 10-12 Intermediate $375
French River-Voyageur 3 Days July 5-7 Easy-Intermediate $375
Temagami 5 Days July 26-30 Intermediate-Adv $625
Tom Thomson Experience 2 Days August 5-6 Introductory-Easy $275
Temagami 3 Days August 16-18 Intermediate $375
Temagami 5 Days August 23-27 Intermediate-Adv $625
Killarney 4 Days September 6-9 Intermediate-Adv $500
Temagami 3 Days September 20-22 Intermediate $375

Visit our reservations page once you’ve selected your adventure, or if you have any questions.

*prices are in Canadian dollars, plus HST

Available Destinations – for custom trips

*custom trips require a reservation with a group of 4 or more people

Destinations & Trips Length Dates Available Level Price/Person
Algonquin Park 3 Days May – Oct Easy on request
Temagami 3 Days May – Oct Intermediate on request
Killarney 3 Days May – Oct Easy-Intermediate on request
Tom Thomson Experience 2 Days May – Oct Introductory on request
Photo Expeditions 3 Days May – Oct Destination Dependent on request

Visit our reservations page once you’ve selected your adventure, or if you have any questions.

*prices are in Canadian dollars, plus HST

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Photos by Jim Davis Photography

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