Tom Thomson Experience – Backcountry Canoe Camping Trip

Paddling through Canoe Lake where Tom spent his time painting and working as a fishing guide. You will get a true sense of what attracted him to the Park year after year. The beauty of the rugged Canadian landscape in Algonquin inspired Tom to paint many of his Masterpieces.

We will make a stop to visit the Tom Thomson Cairn, erected at Canoe Lake by several of his friends and fellow artists. It was placed overlooking the lake he loved and which ultimately took the great painter’s life.

If you believe the local folklore, Tom’s final resting place is not in his Hometown of Leith, Ontario but still buried in a hilltop cemetery overlooking his beloved Canoe Lake.

The mystery of Thomson’s untimely and unexplained death on Canoe Lake endures to this day, and is the topic of several books and movies, not to mention the numerous sightings of a ghostly paddler slipping silently through the Algonquin mist in a “Dove Grey” canoe.

Continuing On

As we continue our paddle through the pristine beauty of Algonquin, you can’t help but become inspired as Tom was. When we reach Joe Lake Dam, we’ll break for a quick lunch stop at the end of the 295 meter portage, the only portage on our route.

After another hour or so of easy paddling through Joe, Teepee, Fawn and Littledoe Lakes we come to our destination.
Tom Thomson Lake was named in his honour and is as beautiful as any of his paintings.

A hearty dinner prepared by your skilled guide will compliment the front row seat for an incredible Algonquin sunset as you are serenaded by the haunting cry of a loon. It’s the perfect way to end your day.

The Route

Our 2 day adventure is an out and back route. It is a perfect choice for novices and families with children, as all the lakes are small to medium in size and the distance travelled is short. One short portage gives the traveller a taste of what makes a backcountry canoe trip unique, without being overwhelming for newcomers.

Because of this, and it’s proximity to Toronto (3 hours) this route is extremely popular for weekend crowds during peak summer season. We strongly advise during the months of July and August, booking this as a mid-week trip only.

Maximum group size is 6.

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