Backcountry canoe trips – Why do we go?

Sunset in Northern Ontario

Walk with Nature – John Muir

I sometimes get asked why we go to all the trouble of planning, packing and paddling, otherwise known as the 3P’s of backcountry canoeing, when there are so many other recreational activities that require much less effort. Long days of paddling and difficult portages. Dealing with the elements, weather and bugs. Sleeping on the hard uneven ground instead of a nice soft bed.

This question has many answers and everyone’s is different. Some go for the solitude, some for the beauty that can only be found in nature. Still, for others it’s the sense of adventure or reconnecting to the ways of our ancestors. Let’s not forget the sense of accomplishment you can only get from epic journeys. For me it’s a combination of all of these, when I’m on a backcountry canoe trip I’m truly at peace. I feel a sense of harmony with my environment that I can only get when I’m in wild places.

John Muir’s quote above speaks volumes as to the “why”.

In truth, the short answer is that “the difficult path leads to things that are worth the effort.” For the long answer, they say a picture is worth a thousand words so I will let some photographs speak for themselves.

  • Barron River - Algonquin Park
  • Grace Lake - Killarney Park, Ontario
  • Jack\'s Lake - Northern Ontario
  • Misty Lake - Algonquin Park

Photos by Andy Tonkin

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