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Chiefswood by Canoe – Educational Group Trip

Our Chiefswood by Canoe trip starts at the Newport Bridge put in, just south of Brantford, Ontario. It takes about 3 hours to paddle to Chiefswood. Once there you will tour Chiefswood National Historic Site and it’s new Tall Grass Prairie.
Voyageur Canoe Trip - Brantford to Chiefswood - Southern Ontario near Toronto
The Grand River undergoes a metamorphosis downstream of Brantford. Changing from a moderate flow with gentle rapids and swifts, into a lazy, meandering, diminutive version of the Mississippi. Where upstream to Paris and beyond it passes mostly through stands of Carolinian forest broken sporadically by a few urban centers, Brantford signals the transition into agricultural land.

You will be traveling in a modern day version of a Voyageur style Canot du Nord or “North Canoe”, a 25 foot long canoe capable of carrying 10-14 passengers. With larger groups we have participants paddle traditional regular canoes along with the voyageur canoe.

Grand River
Canoe Routes
Length Start Times Level Guided Trip
with Shuttle
Brantford to Chiefswood 3 hour paddle
plus Museum tour
Weekdays Easy $49.95/adult – $34.95/child

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*minimum group size of 6 people.
*we also offer group rates for school, youth, scout and guide groups.
*prices are in Canadian dollars, plus HST

Chiefswood – National Historic Site

Located on the Grand River in Southern Ontario, a Canadian Heritage River, Chiefswood National Historic Site is the only remaining pre-Confederation Indian mansion in Ontario and is the birthplace of Canadian writer and poet, Pauline Johnson. Built between 1853 and 1856 by Mohawk Chief George H.M. Johnson for his English bride, Emily Howells, Chiefswood is of national architectural and historic significance because it speaks to the Johnson family’s role as intermediaries between Native and European cultures. At Chiefswood in 1861 the poet and performer Pauline Johnson was born, and drew inspiration for her literary works. Historically, Chiefswood was a place where cultures met, and today, as a gateway to the Six Nations of the Grand River Territory, Chiefswood introduces visitors to the rich culture and heritage of the Six Nations, the Johnson Family and Pauline Johnson. Visit Chiefswood and explore the restored mansion, the natural heritage of a restored tall grass prairie and the Carolinian forest.

What is a tall grass prairie?

  • Grand River Chiefswood

    Grand River Chiefswood

  • Great St. Johns Wort

    Great St. Johns Wort

  • Indian Grass

    Indian Grass

  • Indian Cup Plant

    Indian Cup Plant

  • Wild Bergamot

    Wild Bergamot

  • Brown Eyed Susan

    Brown Eyed Susan

  • Milk Weed

    Milk Weed

  • Ohio Spiderwort

    Ohio Spiderwort

  • Stiff Leafed Goldenrod

    Stiff Leafed Goldenrod

  • Virginia Mountain Mint

    Virginia Mountain Mint

  • Indian Cup Plants

    Indian Cup Plants

A tall grass prairie is natural ecosystem once commonly found throughout southwestern Ontario, especially in the Carolinian zone. Tall grass prairies feature a great diversity of grasses, wild flowers and animal life.

Why are tall grass prairies important?
Tall grass prairies were once found throughout the central United States, Southern Ontario and Manitoba. In Ontario only 1% of original tall grass praries remain.

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