Wild Edible Plants Workshop – Southern Ontario

ontario wild edible plant

Ever wonder how our ancestors could have possibly survived before the invention of the Supermarket? How did they get plants and vegetables in their diet? This is an introductory course designed start you off with the basics, focusing on species that have few or no poisonous look-a-likes. We will discuss plants that are plentiful easy to find and grow almost everywhere in our area.

What you will learn

We’ll teach you how to identify some of the commonly found wild edible and medicinal plants that grow in our area, along with their uses and the different methods to prepare them properly. We will briefly discuss mushrooms as a wild edible, but we will not be identifying or dealing with them in depth. Other topics we will cover:

  • sustainability and preventing over harvesting
  • common identification mistakes
  • how to use your field guide

What’s included

  • Introductory Wild Edible Plants Guidebook
  • 2-3 hour instructional workshop including a short nature walk
  • A presentation of how to prepare a selection of wild edibles

The human species has lived very successfully for thousands of years as a Hunter-Gatherer society. In order to gather, you needed to be able to safely identify plants that are edible and avoid ones that could cause you harm. Like most primitive skills, it is one that has been lost in most of modern civilization.

Whether you want to learn about wild edibles as a survival skill for use in an emergency or you just have an interest in foraging, you’ll enjoy this course. Please contact us for more information about the course.

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